Chartered Partners recruits the top accounting and advisory practitioners by combining the latest technology with good old fashioned telephone introductions and steadfast relationship building.

We use digital technology and social media for talent research, pooling, community building and communications. Our bigger clients do this too, when they have the time. When they don’t, they call us.

Based on our clients’ needs we agree the most appropriate services and price structure and then set to work. From our broad suite of research, advisory and consulting services we tailor and price specific projects to individual client requirements.

Partner-Candidate Services

  • Informed and impartial advice in respect of Career Decisions, Market Developments and International Opportunities.
  • Partner-to-Partner introductions to explore new business/career opportunities.
  • Representation and management of Speculative Applications to firms in the UK, EMEA, Asia and Australia.
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Partner-Employer Services

Chartered Partners can help you to:

Define the need: Job analysis & design through to Person specification.

Understand The Market: Structured niche market analysis, mapping and commercial intelligence, combined with professional relationships with key players across niche disciplines and territories.

Select Your Candidate Channels: using up to date market knowledge to advise on the most appropriate pools, pipelines and funnel structure to source the best candidates.

Use The Latest Recruitment Tools: design and delivery of bespoke recruitment campaigns using proactive search or advertising plus the latest social media methodologies and channels.

1st Stage Screen & Select: using network recommendation, CV Screening and Behavioural Interviewing to get from Longlist to Shortlist.

Manage The Process: arranging interviews, assessment, presentations, video conferences, meet-the-team drinks through consistent, structured communication and devoted relationship management.

Services for In-House Direct Sourcers

The specialist knowledge and integrity of recruitment professionals is more visible and valuable than ever before.

In large firms, the best corporate recruiters can leverage new technology and newly accessible professional networks to increase the numbers and quality of directly sourced candidates, reduce talent acquisition costs and in some cases enhance the candidate experience.

With change comes new problems and pressure points for which we at Chartered Partners can help.

For smaller firms, highly technical or senior level appointments, a specialist external expert is often the quickest route from vacancy to new hire.

What’s Different?

Chartered Partners has split the recruitment process into a value chain of distinct services. You choose and pay for the services that you want.

For large firms sometimes there is simply not enough time to complete every stage of a highly scaled research-approach-assess recruitment programme. In these circumstances, Chartered Partners can help by plugging the gaps. Have a look at our pricing page for a summary of how we can help whilst you focus on your more urgent priorities.

Our research shows that Partners of smaller firms often would still prefer a full cycle recruiter to manage a hiring need from start to finish and, “just take care of it”. We excel at this – but we still offer a modular pricing structure:, ideal for the small firm.

Whatever the need, Chartered Partners can fit into your process to make life easier.

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