Looking for sensible and transparent pricing for recruitment services?
Chartered Partners offers Search, Contingent and everything in between.

Chartered Partners augments the recruitment activity of large firms by conducting mandated targeted search campaigns in extremely niche technical/geographic markets, or by executing one off search modules charged on a time basis
For smaller firms, Chartered Partners runs whole recruitment mandates, at reasonable pricing levels and without the threat of stress, risk or loss that can often arise.

Head hunters are so called because they actively roam the market, assessing, directly approaching, and hiring the best talent for their clients. Direct telephone approaches to the best practitioners, regardless of whether they are actively seeing a new position, are the only worthwhile method to recruit the best talent for your firm.

But there is more to Search than this: the search methodology is underpinned by detailed market research, inquiries and feedback from clients and peers, a solid understanding of how the target practitioners are likely to click into your firm’s culture, revenue streams and strategic plan; all of which feeds into a compelling proposition which your targets should find extremely difficult to refuse.

Typically, Search mandates are charged as a percentage of the new hire’s first year remuneration, and split into staged payments which are invoiced periodically from commencement to completion.

Why is ‘Search’ better?

Other than it being the only strategic hiring methodology, at any one time only around 30% of your target market are actively seeking a new position, and most of the time, you and everybody else will know who they are. Wouldn’t you prefer to discover and approach the other 70%, most of whom are happily excelling in their current firm?

 Discover more about your options:
Time Based

Or, to give you a better idea of how you can use our services, please view our pricing table. As you can see, we mostly focus on the Search based methodology.

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