Looking for sensible and transparent pricing for recruitment services?
Chartered Partners offers Search, Contingent and everything in between.

Chartered Partners augments the recruitment activity of large firms by conducting mandated targeted search campaigns in extremely niche technical/geographic markets, or by executing one off search modules charged on a time basis
For smaller firms, Chartered Partners runs whole recruitment mandates, at reasonable pricing levels and without the threat of stress, risk or loss that can often arise.
Time Based:

Responding to our clients’ feedback, we’ve split the talent attraction, assessment and acquisition process into modules, and created a pricing structure so you can choose the service you want, when you need it, all invoiced on a time basis.

Examples of Chartered Partners Modular Pricing:

1. If you want to pro-actively comb the market for a particular strategic hire, but you do not have the budget, lone authority or inclination to appoint a full search mandate, you can instead appoint Chartered Partners to run a preliminary scoping exercise. Our deliverable is a detailed report listing key findings, in the form of a SWOT analysis of the market and a detailed longlist of the most successful or most highly regarded practitioners.

2. If you already know or have identified the partners you would like to hire, but require a 3rd party to make some discreet professional approach calls to gauge their interest, we can help. We will make the approaches in accordance with pre-agreed script, gauge interest and formally arrange introductory meetings between you.

 Discover more about your options:
Time Based

Or, to give you a better idea of how you can use our services, please view our pricing table. As you can see, we mostly focus on the Search based methodology.

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